Wing Flye

Developing the muscles of the Shoulder 

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1)      From a sitting or standing

Position, grip a dumbbell

In each hand.


2)      Start by grasping two

Dumbbells and holding

Them at chest level.


3)      Lift both weights at the

Same time coming straight

up in an horizontal move-

ment until you’re elbows

have reached a level just

above your ear.


4)      Make sure to keep your

Palms facing down through-

Out the entire movement.


5)      Lower the weight slowly

Down to your starting



6)      Try to have the dumbbells

Level with each other

to build stability and



7)      The control of the dumbbell

Is particularly important

to ensure balance and

Stability of the muscle.


Muscles Worked:

Front and side heads

of the Deltoids.