Underhand Bench 

Developing the Muscles of the Triceps

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1)      Begin in a supine position.

on a stable flat bench with your

feet flat on the floor

for total support.


2)      Start movement by taking

An underhand grip and

deep breath as you lift

the bar off the support.


3)      Without locking your elbows

out position the bar in line

with your pectoral muscles.


4)      Slowly lower the bar keeping

Your elbows in towards your



5)      Your forearms should always

Remain in straight position as

You lower and raise the barbell.


6)      While in order to target you

Triceps you will have to reach a

Near locked out position, but be

Very careful to keep total control

To keep from going past lockout.

*Try to have a spotter to help you lift the bar off of the support to keep from dropping the bar on accident.

Muscles Worked: Triceps, and Chest