Triceps Extension 

Developing the Muscles of the Triceps

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1)      Start by grasping the with each hand.


2)      Keep your elbows locked to

           your sides, and maintain a

           90 degree bend at your elbow

        with a shoulder's width distance

           between your hands.  


3)      Start the movement by

        extending the attachment

        downwards towards your thighs. 


4)      Make sure to keep flex

       your triceps at the bottom

       to fully contract and target

       the muscles involved. 



5)      Slowly return to the

        starting position to complete

        one repetition.



6)      Try not to use your pec/chest

muscles to press the rope downwards. Keep your chest out, and your back straight to allow the Triceps to perform. 




Muscles Worked: Triceps (inner/outer head)