Single Arm Cable Row 

Developing the Muscles of the Back

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*If a Cable Machine isn’t available

Substitute with one-arm dumbbell

Rows (Chainsaws)


1)      Start by grasping the

Handle with one hand.


2)      Keep your chest out and

Your back straight to

Practice proper form.


3)      Keep your elbows pointing

Straight back, and as close

To your side as possible.


4)      Begin by pulling the cable

Straight back allowing your

Elbow to pass well behind

Your back.


5)      Hold this position for 2

Seconds and slowly allow

The cable to return to the

Starting position.


*If two pulleys are available you can

Use both arms at the same time, but

Doing them separately will allow you

To isolate each muscles for a better

Targeted effect.



Muscles Worked:

Lower Lats