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Welcome to The Custom Trainer service information page. We are the premier providers of Online Personal Training and Support. Our goal is to provide you the very best in Health and fitness exercise routines custom tailored to your individual needs.

Each Individual will receive his/her customized Routine and Diet within 24 hours of the initial purchase. We provide a service to individuals interested in bettering their overall quality of life through fitness at an affordable rate. We provide a better service without the awkward situation of meeting with a Personal trainer in a gymnasium or in-home atmosphere. With The Custom Trainer you will have access to support with a click of the mouse. We offer detailed diagrams of each routine along with custom routines for in-home training or in a gym environment.

Along with a custom designed exercise routine, The Custom Trainer will also provide dieting tips, supplement information, and recipes that offer health and flavor.

Our quality control standards are high. Our Certified Personal Trainers, and Chefs are among the best in the Industry. Our goal is always to deliver a quality product with stellar customer support. We are your long term solution to achieving, and maintaining your health and fitness goals for life. Your satisfaction is and health is our driving influence!  

Below is a Complete list of the services we offer:

Custom Exercise Routines designed specifically for each Client
Custom Diet and Supplement information designed for each Client
Custom Recipes designed for each individual client and their culinary interests

We offer a wide variety of plans based on the amount of time each client can devote to attaining their individual goals.

We offer Short term to Long term routines along with constant customer support and interaction with each individual client.

We believe that everyone is different, and diversity is what makes this country thrive as a society! We will provide support and routines for individuals of any and all body types. We also offer sport specific training for individuals who are interested in competitive training. 
For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation and free estimate  please contact us via E-mail at

We look forward to serving you.