Seated Calf Raises

Developing the Muscles of the Legs

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1)      To begin, sit down with the

upper pads resting about

two inches in front of your



2)      Position you feet straight

in-line with your leg with

only the pads of your feet

supporting the weight.


3)      Raise your heel to remove the weight from its support.


4)      Slowly lower your heels downwards until your range of motion has reached its

maximum stretch.


5)      Raise your heels upwards

until you’ve maxed out your

upwards range or motion.


6)      Flex your calf extra-hard at the top of the movement to better target the muscle.


7)      Flexing your calf throughout

the exercise is key in proper


*The Calves are very resilient muscles and can hold a higher rep range than most other muscles. They also regenerate and heal rather quickly as well.

*Change the angle of your toes to work different angles of the muscle

(outward and inward facing)

Muscles Worked: