Preacher Single Dumbbell Curls

Developing the Biceps

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*Perform this lift one arm at a time

to fully isolate and develop your Bicep


1)       Start by finding a dumbbell

That is at the proper weight

For your overall fitness level.



2)       Position your first arm as low

On the preacher bench pad

As possible.



3)       Use your free arm to stabilize

Your body while you perform

The lift.



4)       Slowly lower the dumbbell

Down to an almost-straight




5)       Make sure to involve the

Movement of your wrist

(bent down while lowering,

Bent up while raising)

To insure the best contraction

On you bicep.



6)       Raise the dumbbell up until

You’ve reached your fully

Contracted starting position.





Muscles Worked: