Posing Curls 

Developing the Muscles of the Chest

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*If a Cable Machine isn’t available substitute the same movement with dumbbells.

      1)      Start by grasping the handle              with each hand.


2)      Slightly bend your knees, keep your chest out, and

your back straight to

practice proper form.


3)      The resistance of this exercise should be felt at a level just above your head with your arms alsmost straight. Keep your palms facing upwards.


4)      Begin by bringing the cables

towards your head until you've fully contracted your bicep by flexing and holding the movement for 2 seconds. 

*Pretend as though you're standing at home looking in the mirror as your flex your biceps.  



5)      Slowly allow the cables to

return to the starting position.



Muscles Worked:

Biceps (Peak Development)