Laying Side Dumbbell Raise

Developing the Muscles of the Shoulders

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1)      Start by laying on a flat

bench with your free arm

holding you at an incline.

2)      Allow your weighted hand

to hang down in front of you

prior to beginning the exercise

3)      Begin be raising the dumbbell

upwards in a smooth arching

motion keeping your arm

almost straight throughout the


4)      Continue to raise the dumbbell

until it’s straight in line with

your opposite arm.

5)      Slowly lower the dumbbell

back to the starting position

to complete one repetition.

*Changing the direction your palm faces will work your muscles on different angles and is suggested to better develop the muscles involved. *Palms down, and up are great variations.

Muscles Worked:

Shoulders (Front, Middle, and Rear) with a secondary Trap benefit.