Hanging Leg Raise 

Developing the Muscles of the Core

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* This is an advance  Abdominal Movement and should only be attempted by someone with a stronger core.

1)      Start by laying on a

Flat bench and secure

Your hands behind

Your head for stability.

2)      Position your Glutes

Just off of the end of the

Flat bench.

3)      Keep  your legs in a

straight line without

letting your feet touch

the ground.

4)      Start the movement by

Slowly raising your legs

In an arc motion bringing

Your toes towards your


5)      Once you’ve reach a level

Close to your head, extend

Your lower back slightly

Upwards and slowly lower

Your legs back to the start-

ing position.

6)      Try and force your body from allowing your legs to drop Suddenly.

Muscles Worked:

Abdominals (lower, middle, and upper)