Hanging Clean

Developing the Muscles of the Core

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1)      Start by grasping a

barbell or a set of


2)      Keep your chest out

and your back straight

during this exercise.

3)      Proper form is the

determining factor on

whether or not injury

will occur.

4)      In one solid movement

lift the barbell from

your waist keeping the

barbell close to your body

at all times.

5)      As the barbell gets to a

level close to your chest,

flip your hands underneath

the barbell while still

keeping the barbell close to

your body.

6)      Once you’ve flipped the

barbell get your elbows

underneath the weight and

pause at a level equal to your


7)      Slowly lower the weight

using the exact opposite

motion to complete one


*Hanging cleans take a certain element of practice to perfect, and you should always start out using no weight except for the bar until you’re comfortable with your form.

Muscles Worked:

Core (Total Body)