Hamstring Curl 

Developing the Muscles of the Legs

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* The Hamstring Curl is a great way to rehabilitate knee injuries, and with most modern machines you can use one, or both legs at the same time to focus equal attention to each extremity.

1)      Most newer machines offer

many adjustments to better

accommodate people of any


2)      You want the caps of your

knees to be just past the main seat, with the back of your lower calves/tendon securely under the foot pad.

3)      Select the amount of weight/

resistance that you’re going

to use and lay down on the support pads.

4)      Either grip the top of your

seat, or the hand grips prior to starting.

5)      Begin by pulling your feet

towards your Glutes while focusing the tension on your hamstrings.

6)      Once you’ve reached a level

where your legs are almost

fully bent slowly lower

your feet back to the starting

position to complete one


*Changing the angle of your feet can

help target specific areas of your

Hamstrings. Try to face your toes

outwards, or inwards for a different


Muscles Worked: