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Developing the Muscles of the Back

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* A lower back extension machine can be substituted to target the muscles of the lower back.

1)      Start by placing a straight

bar across your upper back

as if you were getting ready

to squat.


2)      With your feet shoulder

width apart and firmly planted

with your toes facing forward

take a deep breath as you

prepare to begin.


3)      Begin by keeping your legs

straight as you bend at the waist

bringing the bar horizontal to the Floor.


4)      Keep your head up, and your back straight during the entire movement


5)      Rounding your back can result in Injury.


6)      When you reach a 90 degree bend in relation to your legs, and waist you’ve completed one repetition.


7)      Slowly raise yourself back to a

Straight position.

Muscles Worked:

Lower Back