Forward Dumbbell Raises 

Developing the Muscles of the Shoulders

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1)      From a sitting or standing

Position, grip a dumbbell

In each hand.


2)      Lift one weight at a time

Coming straight up in an

Arc movement until you’ve

Reached a level just above

Your head.


3)      Lower the weight slowly

As you prepare to lift the

Other dumbbell.


4)      Try to have the dumbbells

Pass each other right in

Front of your face at the

Time to build stability and



5)      Try to keep the movement

Of the dumbbells in a similar

Arc that passes right in front

Of your face to target the

Front head of your deltoids.


6)      You can also use a straight

Barbell to offer a variation

In this exercise.


7)      The control of the dumbbell

Is particularly important

to ensure balance and

Stability of the muscle.


Muscles Worked:

Front Head of the Deltoids/ Traps