Dumbbell Upright Row

Developing the Muscles of the Shoulders

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*For this exercise you can use a straight bar, a short straight bar, a Smith machine, or free weights

1)      Grasp a dumbbell in each and hand hold them in line with your Quads with about 3-6 inches separating your dumbbells.


2)      Stand with your feet

shoulder width apart

for better stability


3)      Maintain good posture

throughout this exercise

by keeping your chest

out, and your back



4)      Begin by pulling the

dumbbells upwards keeping

them very close to your body

to isolate your shoulders.


5)      Keep your elbows pointed

outwards as you pull the

dumbbells up as close to your

chin as possible.


6)      Once you’ve reached a level

close to your chin, slowly

lower the dumbbells to the

starting position to complete

one repetition.

*Different grips are an excellent way to fully involve the entire muscle. Try holding the dumbbells closer/further apart for added development.

Muscles Worked:

Shoulders (front)