Dumbbell Kickbacks

Developing the Muscles of the Triceps

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1)      Start by grasping a

dumbbell in each hand.


2)      Position yourself in a

semi-crouched position

similar to that of a skier.


3)      Keep your chest out, and

your back straight.


4)      Your elbows should be

pointed outwards towards

your heals to isolate your

triceps best.


5)      Make sure that your feet

are shoulder width apart

for better balance.


6)      Begin by extending the

dumbbells outwards while

keeping your elbows locked

in a position horizontal to

your body.


7)      Once you’ve reached the

end of your range of

motion squeeze/flex your

triceps to better target the

muscles involved.


8)      Slowly lower the dumbbells

to the starting position to

complete one repetition.

Muscles Worked: