Double Front Dumbbell Raises

Developing the Muscles of the Shoulder

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1)      Start by grasping one

Dumbbell in each hand


2)      Form a crouching position

while keeping good form

in relation with your back.

Allow the Dumbbells to hang

at the bottom.


3)      Start the movement by

Raising both dumbbells

At the same time.


4)      Make sure to keep your

Palms facing the ground

As you raise the dumbbells



5)      Once you’ve reach a level

Even with the bottom of

Your ears you’ve completed

One repetition.


6)      Slowly lower the dumbbells

Back to the starting position.


7)      Try not to swing, or use

Momentum as your raise the

Dumbbells. This will allow

You to better target the

Muscles involved.



Muscles Worked:

Front head of the Deltoids.