Donkey Calf Raises 

Developing the Muscles of the Legs

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1)      Start by positioning the

Pad securely on your

Lower back


2)      If you don’t have access

To this machine have a

Friend sit on your lower-

Back for added resistance


3)      Start with your feet

Shoulder width apart and

With your toes pointing

Straight forward.


4)      You can change the angle/

Position of your feet to

Target specific areas of

Your calf as well.


5)      Make sure that the weight

Is being supported on pads

Of your feet with your calf

Absorbing the emphasis of

The resistance.


6)      Without locking your knees

Out lower your heels towards

The ground as far as your calf

Will stretch without injury.


7)      Then raise your heel as far

Up in the opposite direction.


8)      Make sure to flex your calf at

The top of the movement and

Try not to lock out your knees.


9)      Locking out your knees can

Potentially cause a hyper-

Extension to occur which can

Result in unwanted injury.


Muscles Worked: Calves