Developing the Muscles of the Triceps

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*If you’re unable to find a similar piece of equipment you can sub-stitute this exercise by using two flat benches with your feet up on one so that you can lower yourself to do dips on the other.


1)      Start by supporting your

Weight with your body in

As straight of a vertical

Position as possible with

Your elbows tightly held

Against your sides.  

2)      If you're unsure of your ability to support your own weight have someone spot you at the waist.

3)      Begin by lowering your

body by bending your

elbows and allowing them

to point backwards.  

4)      Once you’ve reached a point

where the bend in your

elbow is at a 90 degree

angle you can start to press

yourself back to the starting


5)      Triceps exercises are one of

the few that allow you to

extend your arms completely

in order to develop the entire

range of motion of the muscle. So be sure to flex as you reach the top of the exercise to complete one repetition.

 Muscles Worked:

Triceps (Middle Head)