Decline Dumbbell Press 

Developing the Muscles of the Chest

Back to the Muscle Group

1)      Depending on your

Level of strength,

Take a dumbbell in

Each hand (or have

Someone hand them

To you once you’re

Safely supported) and

Lie back on a decline


2)      Hold the dumbbells

At shoulder height

With your palms facing


3)      Lift the dumbbells at

The same time straight

Up in line with your


4)      It isn’t necessary to

Lock out your elbows

At the top of the move-


5)      Lower the dumbbells

Back to the bottom the

Starting point.

6)      Remember as a general

Rule to breathe in as you

Lower the weight, and

Exhale as your push the

Weight up.


Muscles Worked:

Middle and Lower

Pectoral Muscles