Crucifix Flye

Developing the Muscles of the Chest

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*This exercise is designed to focus on the negative motion of the muscle. When lowering the dumbbells count 20 seconds and at the end of that time your arms should be completely spread apart allowing a good stretch on your Chest.

1)      Start by laying down on

a flat bench with a dumb-

bell in each hand.


2)      Start by extending the

dumbbells in front of you

with the ends of the weights

facing each other.


3)      Begin by slowly lowering

the dumbbells downwards

while counting 20 seconds

on the negative motion.


4)      Once you’ve reached 20

seconds, or your arms are

parallel to the floor allow

your Pecs to stretch for 2



5)      Raise the dumbbells back

to the starting position to

complete one repetition.

Muscles Worked:

Chest (Pectorals)