Bench Dip

Developing the Muscles of the Triceps

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*For this exercise you can use two benches or just one bench and place your feel on the ground.

*Have a partner add resistance by evenly pressing down on your shoulders.

*You can also have someone place weight plates on your Quads for added resistance.

1)      Start by placing your

hands next to your

hips on a flat bench.

2)      Grip the flat bench with

your hands firmly and

place your heals up on

the other flat bench in

front of you.

3)      Begin by supporting your

weight on your hands as

you lower yourself towards

the ground.

4)      Keep your elbows pointed

behind you during this


5)      Lower yourself until you

nearly touch the ground or

your elbows are just passed

a 90 degree angle at your


6)      Press yourself back to the

starting position to complete

one repetition.

Muscles Worked: