Barbell Shrug 

Developing the Muscles of the Shoulders

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1)      Grasp a barbell with a

Shoulder width grip.


2)      Place your feet shoulder

Width apart, and keep a

Slight bend in your knees.


3)      Start the movement by

Pulling your shoulders

Towards your ears.


4)      Don’t bend your elbows

Or use them at all to move

the weight.


5)      Once you’ve pulled your

Shoulders as high as you

Can, pause and hold them

In that position for 2



6)      Slowly lower the bar back

To the starting position


7)      For heavier weight you can

Use a staggered grip

(power-lifting grip) to add

Stability and longevity to

your set.

*The Traps are very resilient muscles and can generally stay in a higher rep range than most other muscles.

 Muscles Worked:

Traps, and Forearms