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At the custom trainer we believe that in order to help individuals like yourself we have to offer options to better facilitate to your success in health and fitness. We are committed to delivering a level of instruction, guidance, and consultation that will rival any personal trainer. We realize in this day and age that you don’t need someone lurking over you at the gym, counting your reps, and delivering pre-determined carbon copy routines that you can get anywhere else. Everything at the Custom Trainer is customized to each individual client based on their ultimate goal and needs.

The Advanced routine prepared by The Custom Trainer will provide you with an ultimate in-depth routine customized to complete your development bringing you to realizing your health and fitness goals. You will have detailed instructions and photos that will easily guide you to the proper form and knowledge you need to be a success in any gymnasium. We will offer alternate moves for every muscle in order to accommodate the differences in every fitness center across North America. We are dedicated to insure that you don’t feel lost or confused when trying to execute your customized routine at your home or local fitness center.

The Custom Trainer is also dedicated to adapt with every client as he or she advances during the course of time as a member. We will alter your routine every 6 weeks to better focus each schedule to establish the best results. We rely on client feedback to allow us to evolve with you. We at The Custom Trainer are genuinely interested in the success of our recommendations to better assist you. Our clients come first, and if there is something we can do that can better facilitate your success, we’re prepared to do it. 

We also realize that different individuals have different amounts of time that he or she can dedicate to fitness. We are prepared with the knowledge to work around any schedule to ensure you can maintain your health and fitness goals. Everyone has different goals, options, determination, and interest. We’re here to help out every individual who is interested in bettering themselves. We’re interested in helping individuals of any sex, or age. We also offer sport specific training for those clients interested in building the foundation to be successful in other walks of life.

Our advanced routine will bring out your hidden potential, it will push your strength, and cardiovascular health to its limits. This routine requires an extreme level of dedication, and a demeanor that can push past its limits. Are you ready for the Ultimate in Custom Training? Click the link below.

Advanced Routine      45.00 for a 6-week routine

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