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The Custom Trainer is an online service providing quality direction and support to clients interested in bettering their way of life through fitness and diet.

The Custom Trainer provides a Certified Personal Trainer to each client that will customize a exercise routine based on each clients individual goals. Along with an exercise routine, The Custom Trainer also provides dieting tips, and recipes provided by a Professionally trained Culinary Chef.

The Custom Trainer is family owned and operated. Servicing individuals across North America with accurate proven routines and diet plans. Quality, and individual service and support are the foundation of our Personal Trainers. The Custom Trainer is always available to modify and enhance each of our client’s routines as they continue to succeed in their health and fitness goals.

The Founders of The Custom Trainer
Justin Purcell- American Fitness Professionals and Associates Certified Personal Trainer with over 9 years of quality training experience. Competitive Powerlifter and Strongman.
Contact Justin Purcell at:justinpurcell@thecustomtrainer.com

Maritza Purcell- Le Cordon Bleu graduate and Professional Chef specializing in Nutrition. Combining health and flavor in each of her custom designed recipes.
Contact Maritza Purcell at:

Yasmin Sandoval- Providing quality customer service and support to all of our clients.
Contact Yasmin Sandoval at: